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I am married with three children. My older daughter lives in Santa Barbara, California; my son lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and my younger daughter is an Art Therapy student at Carlow College in Pittsbugh. My husband is a minister for the Church of Christ. We have lived and worked with congregations in West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. We currently live in Pennsylvania.

Living in Pennsylvania doesn't exclude working in West Virginia when you teach in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. At one spot West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio touch borders. Many people in Hancock County, West Virginia, live within one or two miles of both Pennsylvania and Ohio. Some interesting sites in this Tri-State Area have been compiled by students at Oak Glen High School. Check some of them out!

These past few years have been difficult as well as joyous ones for my family. In July, 1998 we celebrated the marriage of our son in Oklahoma City. We welcome our new daughter with open arms. However, in October, 1998, my step-sister lost her three-year struggle with cancer. Then at the end of May, 1999, my father died. I have created a memorial page for him. Our family has expanded with the birth of our beautiful granddaughter Marleigh in Oklahoma on March 14, 2002. Our second granddaughter Sophia will be born sometime in March, 2003 (deo volente) Notice that both of them already have web pages!

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