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During the school year, I find little time to play--unless it involves a computer or a book. My favorite popular authors (listed alphabetically--not in order of preference) are Piers Antony, David Baldacci, Terry Brooks, Agatha Christie, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Barbara Delinsky, Frank Herbert, Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Connell, Patricia Cornwell, Dick Francis, Robert Jordan, Fletcher Knebbel, Dean Koontz, Mercedes Lackey, John LeCarre, Robert Ludlum, Anne MCaffery, James Michener, Robert Parker, James Patterson, Ridley Pearson, Belva Plain, Melanie Rawn, Anne Rice, John Saul, Robert Tanenbaum, and Scott Turow. As you can see from this list, my reading tastes are eclectic. If I can find nothing else, I think I would read the dictionary. In fact some of my Academic Games students accuse me of doing just that.

I rarely watch television even during the summer--except for

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Wheel of Fortune
On the computer I have become addicted to Text Twist. I also enjoy Mahjongg, Scrabble, Word Racer, and Tangleword.

World Class Vacation Fun

Roller Coaster During the summer and school holidays, we generally vacation with distant family members in Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia, and California (and places in between) and/or visit someplace historical. Now that we have a granddaughter in Oklahoma and another soon to arrive in California, those two states have become our most frequent destinations.

Regardless of where we travel, I always try to work one (or more...if I can talk my husband into it) amusement parks into the agenda. Any fast, high, and scary ride or attraction pleases my palate.

Below you will find some links to sites that might help you in planning a vacation, general and specific information about amusement and theme parks that I have visited and enjoyed, and Disney sites.

The first drop down menu box contains the types of information on the various pages to which I link.

The second menu box will change to list the links relating to the specific choice you make in the first box.
Have fun surfing.

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