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During World War II, East and West clashed on many fronts, but my parents melded Japan and a Scots-Irish-English mixture when I was born in Japan during the occupation following World War II. My parents left me with a glorious heritage.

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I have been able to put some of this to work by teaching a course in Japanese at Weir High School. I first facilitated a satellite course and then taught it within a traditional classroom setting for four years. My students enjoyed becoming e-mail correspondents with students in Japan. We corresponded with students in Yokohama, Akita, and Shigaraki.

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I have collected a few links to my countries of origin as well as some genealogy links. I find genealogy fascinating--maybe because of my Heinz 57 mixture. My older children and I took a course in genealogy about twenty years ago. We concentrated on tracing my husband's family and succeeded in discovering a unbroken lineage back to the American Revolutionary War.

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